Stock Aircraft Deicers FMC Tempest II Deicer – Sold

FMC Tempest II Deicer – Sold


FMC Tempest II Deicer – Sold

We have available 1 FMC Tempest II Deicer.

Features include:

·    A single engine system with hydrostatic drive.

·    Excellent manoeuvrability, visibility, and accessibility due to the low-profile custom chassis specifically designed for deicing.

·    Ease of maintenance due to the swing out power module.

·    Electronic heater controller.

·    Easy to operate cab mounted controls.


Full Deicer specification as per below:


Total Fluid Capacity
Deicing Fluid Pump
Deicing Fluid Delivery
Diaphragm Pump
Centrifugal Pump
2,000 gal (7600L)
Hardi Rotary Diaphragm/Myers Centrifugal Pump
35-55gpm (133-208L/min)
55-65gpm (208-246L/min)
Anti-icing Fuid Pump
Anti-icing Fluid Delivery
Hardi Rotary Diaphragm pump
25gpm (95L/min) on demand delivery.
Heater FMC OptimMax™ System
Tank Pre-heat Time 10 min per 1000 gal (3800 L) from 32oF to 180oF (0oC to 80o)
Instant Heat One pass 32oF to 180oF at 35gpm (0oC to 80o at 133L/min)
Chassis FMC Custom Built
Drive System Hydrostatic
Chassis Engine Cummins 6BT 165hp (123kW) @ 2500rpm
Fuel Diesel/Jet A 100 gal (379L)
Maximum Speed 25mph (40km/hr)
Deicing Speed 4mph (6km/hr)
Turning Radius 24ft. (7.3m)
Aerial Device FMC – Articulated boom with two-man basket
Maximum Lifting Device 450lbs.  (204kg)
Maximum Working Height 43ft. 8in.  (13.3m)
Maximum Side Reach 30ft.  (9m)
Rotation 350 degrees non continuous
  Wheelbase 173in. (4.39m)
  Length 30ft. 5in.  (9.27m)
  Width 105in.  (2.67m)
  Height (retracted) 150in.  (3.81m)
GVW Empty Tanks 26,215lbs.  (11,916kg)
GVW Full Tanks 41,740lbs.  (18,973kg)

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