Aircraft Stairs

At  McIvor Aviation, we are aircraft stairs and ground support equipment specialists. We have
an excellent range of aircraft stairs for you to choose from. Our first-class service includes
visiting your premises and supplying you with used or new aircraft products. What type of
aircraft stair do we stock?

Our Ade Driveable Aircraft Steps are diesel powered and have an automatic transmission system.
How high can it reach? It has a 3.15m range capacity for conveying passengers safely to the
aircraft. We have several AMSS aircraft stair models. The AMSS series are self-propelled
and they’re designed for short or medium distances. It has a reach capacity of between 2.3m
and 4.4m which makes it is suitable for the B767 and A320. The automatic transmission
means that there is no degradation of performance We also have a wide selection of stair
tread options to meet your company requirements. We have a good selection of towable
aircraft stairs to meet different aircraft height specifications. What if you require new aircraft
steps? It might be more cost-effective to replace or refurbish your existing aircraft steps. We
can manufacture new steps to your exact requirements. We also offer a galvanising and
painting service to ensure that your aircraft stairs stay in perfect condition.

Whatever you need, we believe that we can supply the perfect aircraft equipment for you.
The experience and expertise that we have at our disposal is here to help you and your
business. Not all our aircraft ground support equipment is currently on our website and our
stock of aircraft supplies changes daily. Please contact us to let us know what you require.

If you need help selecting the right aircraft stairs for your company, you can contact us on
+442887767177 today. You can also use our online contact form and we will get back to you
as soon as possible.