Stock Aircraft Stairs AMSS driveable aircraft steps

AMSS driveable aircraft steps


AMSS driveable aircraft steps

We have available AMSS Model 300 & 400 series driveable aircraft steps. These driveable aircraft steps have electronic automatic transmission ensuring no degradation of performance as can be experienced with hydrostatic equivalents.

The AMSS 300 Series driveable aircraft steps are suitable for all short or medium range aircraft up to B767


Standard features for the AMSS 300 Series include:

• Push button automatic transmission with automatic creep speed interlock and ‘on-the-move’ reverse gear inhibit

• Heavy duty hydraulic stabilisers

• Automatic stair locking pawls

• Spring loaded self aligning top platform nose section

• Lockable sliding wing panels

• Emergency hand pump


Height range for the AMSS 300 Series:

• Low Position 2,286mm (90”)

• High Position 4,368mm (172”)

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