Stock Aircraft Stairs NEW George McIvor LTD aircraft steps

NEW George McIvor LTD aircraft steps


NEW George McIvor LTD aircraft steps

New aircraft steps manufactured by George McIvor LTD, made to suit any order, galvanised and/or painted.

The George McIvor Ltd Towable Passenger Stair range are capable of providing passenger access to a wide range of aircraft.  These stair units are mounted on a heavy duty towable steel chassis.

Common features on the George McIvor Ltd aircraft steps include:

·    Fully adjustable for secure passenger handling

·    Hydraulically powered elevating stair section

·    Fail-safe height locking mechanism for passenger safety

·    Easily manoeuvrable on a heavy duty chassis

·    Fitted with rubber buffers to provide maximum aircraft protection

·    Self aligning top platform with sliding panels and pivoting nose

·    Heavy duty build to ensure reliability

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