Aircraft Tugs

Here at McIvor Aviation, we supply an enviable range of pushback tractors and tugs for those
within the aviation sector. We offer a comprehensive service which includes visiting your
site, to supplying you with new or used aircraft equipment. What range of tugs and pushback
tractors can we offer you?

Take for example, the Charlatte Model T-140D Tow Tractor, which has a Peugeot diesel
engine for high performance and a renowned reliability. It has a towing capacity of around 25
tons. We also supply several Douglas models. They introduced these towbarless aircraft
tractors in 1989 and they have proved to be very popular. What about the Douglas Model
DB-50 Diesel Tug? This has a greater towing capacity of approximately 50 tons. This model
features a 1004 Perkins engine with a Clarke 12000 transmission and Clark back axle. What
size crew can it accommodate? It has a crew capacity of up to 5 personnel. The Douglas
TBL 400 is a towbarless tug which is compatible for all kinds of aircraft up to the B747. They
are supplied with new Deutz engines and are capable of long distance high speed
maintenance towing. This is just a sample of the aircraft tugs and tractors that we stock.

Our industry expertise here at McIvor Aviation means that we can provide you with the appropriate aircraft ground
support equipment to suit your application. What if you can’t find a particular aircraft tug or tractor on our website?
The aircraft stock that we have changes daily, so we can always arrange for you to receive
your preferred product.

You might need some assistance choosing the correct aircraft tug or tractor for your
business requirements. Why not fill out our online contact form? You can also contact us on
+442887767177. We look forward to hearing from you today.