Stock Aircraft Tugs Douglas TBL 400

Douglas TBL 400


Douglas TBL 400

This Douglas TBL 400 is a pushback towbar-less tug. These tugs are suitable for all types of Aircraft up to the B747. These models are fitted with new Deutz engines and all are fitted with tug packs. The pushback tug is serviced and re-painted with latest upgrades.

Detailed Technical Specification of the Douglas TBL 400:-

·     Deutz TCD 2015 V08 water cooled diesel engine rated at 400 kW (535 bhp)

·     Clark 8000 powershift transmission with 4 speed forward and 4 speed reverse gearbox.

·     Fully enclosed dual control, dual facing, sound insulated luxury cab with centre swivelling seat/control column console to enable the operator to face in either direction of travel. Air suspension seat for driver and suspension seat for one crew-member.

·     Heater / Demister system.

·     Electronically controlled, powered hydraulic selectable 4 mode steering: –

          o  2 wheel front

          o  2 wheel rear

          o  4 wheel co-ordinated

          o  crab steering

·     Front two (2) wheeldrive

·     Rear support wheels mounted on steered turntables and trailing arm type air suspension system.

·     PLC for cradle functions, drive line and vehicle controls.

·     Full highway type lighting for both driving directions.

·     Flashing amber warning beacon on cab roof.

·     Full instrumentation including speedometer and hourmeter.

·     Over-steer warning / alerting system.

·     CCTV system to monitor the cradle operation from within the cab.

·     Automatic chassis lubrication system.

·     Maximum cradle lifting capacity – 45,000 kgs. (Aircraft nose wheel weight.)

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