Stock Aircraft Tugs Douglas TBL280 towbarless tug – Sold

Douglas TBL280 towbarless tug – Sold


Douglas TBL280 towbarless tug – Sold

The Douglas TBL280 Model is a Diesel Powered Towbarless Aircraft Handling Tractor / Aircraft pushback which has been designed primarily for pushback, inter-gate towing, and longer distance maintenance towing operations at higher speeds with the following aircrafts: –

Embraer: ERJ 170/175/190/195
McDonnell Douglas: DC9/MD80/MD90
Boeing: B717, B737, B727, B757, B767 and B777
Airbus: A318/A319/A320/A321, A310/A300, A330 and A340-200/300
Boeing: DC10/MD11
Lockheed: L 1011

It has a maximum cradle lifting capacity of 35 tonne (Aircraft nose wheel weight) and weighs 16 tonne.


Fully enclosed dual control, dual facing, sound insulated luxury cab with centre swivelling seat/control column console for the operator to face in either direction of travel.

Air suspension seat for driver and suspension seat for one crew-member.

Heater / Demister system. Optional: Air Conditioning

Electronically controlled, powered hydraulic selectable 4 mode steering:

– 2 wheel front
– 2 wheel rear
– 4 wheel co-ordinated

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