Stock Aircraft Tugs FMC B700 Aircraft Tow Tractor – Sold

FMC B700 Aircraft Tow Tractor – Sold


FMC B700 Aircraft Tow Tractor – Sold

We have available 2 off the model FMC B700 Aircraft Tow Tractor

Features include of the FMC B700 Aircraft Tow Tractor:

·  A gross vehicle weight of up to 31,751 kgs.(70,000 lbs.) and drawbar pull rating of up to 25,401 kgs.(256kN) (56,000 lbs.), Reliable pushback and towing even under tough surface conditions

·  High-visibility, easy-operation, ergonomic, full-width cab design.

·  Rockwell(Meritor) front and rear drive/steer axles

·  Enhanced “uni-body” steel construction for rigid durability on the ramp.

·  Sloped aft section, low-profile fenders, and trademark easy-to-access notch-back design for optimized rear visibility.

·  Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering.

·  Sloped aft section, low-profile fenders, and trademark easy to access notch back design for optimized rear visibility.

Full specification of the FMC B700 Aircraft Tow Tractor as per below:

Model B700
Gross Vehicle Weight
Drawbar Pull

22,680 – 31,751kgs (50,000 – 70,000lbs)
18,144 – 25,401kgs (40,000 – 56,000lbs)
(less couplers)
(without cab)
  Height (with fixed cab)
Height (with elev. cab, down)
  Height (with elev. cab, up)
Ground Clearance

6.236m (245.5in.)
2.591m (102in.)
1.702m (67in.)
2.083m (82in.)
1.703m (67in.)
2.120m (83.5in.)
2.540m (100in.)
229mm (9.0in.)
Performance CHaracteristics
Max Speeds
Outside Turning Radius
Two(2) wheel steer
  Four(4) wheel steer(optional)
24km/h (24mph)
16km/h (16mph)5.9m (19ft. 3in.)
8.6m (28ft. 3in.)
Torque Rating
Fuel Capacity

Diesel water-cooled Four-Cycle Turbocharged & Aftercooled
359cu. in. (5.88 liter)
185 hp @ 2200 rpm (138kW)
580ft. lbs. @ 1500 rpm (786 Nm)
50 gal. (189 liter)
Transmission Funk 2000 Series power shift w/torque converter and interaxle differential
Axels Meritor/Rockwell front and rear planetary drive/steer axles with rigid mounted rear axle and trunnion oscillating mounted front axle. Four wheel drive(4WD) Four wheel steer(4WS).
Tires 14.00R25 radials
Hydraulic System Centralized with pressure compensated piston pump and load sense.
Steering System Centralized hydraulically operated steering control valve which actuates twin steering cylinders mounted on both the front and rear axles.
Brake System Service Brake: Four(4) wheel hydraulically operated pressure regulated dual system brake valve with caliper disk brakes. Front and rear brakes backed up with an electro-hydraulic motor and pump.
Parking: Hydraulic valve actuated spring applied and hydraulic released caliper disc brakes mounted on both front and rear axle input pinion flanges..
Electrical System Twenty-four(24) volt negative ground system. Four(4) batteries, with heavy duty starter & alternator.
Instrument Panel Gauges: Fuel Level Gauge – Voltmeter Gauge – Hourmeter – Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge –  Engine Oil Pressure Gauge – Transmission Oil Pressure Gauge – Hydraulic System Pressure Gauge
Switches: Keyless Anti-Restart Ignition Switch/Shutdown Switch – Light Switch – Steering Mode Switch Selector – Auxilliary Standby Steering Switch(momentay toggle)
Warning & Indicator Lights: Transmission High Oil Warning Light – Engine Low Oil Oressure Warning Light/Alarm – Engine High Coolant Temperature/Engine Low Coolant Level Light/Alarm – Alternator Warning Light – Fuel Level Warning Light – Hydraulic Oil Level Warning Light – Park Brake “ON” Light – Shift Inhibit Light.

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