Stock Aircraft Tugs Stewart & Stevenson Tug GT35

Stewart & Stevenson Tug GT35


Stewart & Stevenson Tug GT35

We have available 1 off the Stewart & Stevenson Tug GT35 tow tractor complete with cab available.

This versatile tractor will easily handle the pushback and towing requirements for all narrow-body aircraft.

Key Features of the Stewart & Stevenson Tug GT35 include:

• Low profile frame (under 48”)

• Engine covers fold completely forward for easy access

• Speedometer

• LED Backup lights

• LED Turn signals

• LED Emergency flashing lights

• Dual-rearview mirrors


Gross Vehicle Weight (gvw) 35,000 lbs. (15,910 kg)
Maximum Drawbar Pull 28,000 lb (12,727 kg)
At 0.8 traction coefficient. ±3% variation on published drawbar pull and weight, owing to manufacturing tolerances.
1st 2.5 mph (4.0 km/h)
2nd 5.75 mph  (9.3 km/h)
3rd 13.25 mph (21.3 km/h)
4th 15.0 mph  (24.1 km/h)
1st 2.5 mph   (4.0 km/h)
2nd 6.0 mph   (9.7 km/h)
Overall Dimensions 
Length  (w/Hitches) 211.25“ (5,3656 mm)
Width 89“   (2,260 mm)
Height  (w/ Cab) 80“   (2,032 mm)
Wheel Base 88“  (2,235 mm)
Ground Clearance 8“    (203 mm)
Turning Radius (Outside) 
Standard Front-Wheel Steer 22.0 feet   (6,706 mm)
Optional Four-Wheel Steer 16.0 feet   (4,877 mm)
Ramp Angles
Approach Angle 12.0°
Breakover Angle 14.0°
Departure Angle 21.0°
Manufacturer Deutz Model TCD3.6L (Tier 4F)
Type Water-cooled, diesel, four-cycle (turbocharged and intercooled)
Number of Cylinders Four (4)
Bore 4.0“ (98 mm)
Stroke 5.0“ (120 mm)
Displacement 246.5 C.I.D. (3.6L)
Horsepower @ Flywheel 74 at 2300 rpm (55 kW)
Torque: 288 lb-ft @ 1300 rpm
Manufacturer ZF
Type Torque converter/ powershift
Speeds Four (4) forward; two (2) reverse
Controls Electronic with downshift inhibitor
Axles – Front 
Manufacturer Spicer Clark Hurth
Type Planetary-drive/steer
Steering System Hydrostatic
Steering  Cylinders Integral
Tires 315/80R22.5 radial, tubeless
Suspension Trunnion mount
Axles – Rear 
Manufacturer Spicer Clark Hurth
Type Planetary-drive/rigid
Tires 315/80R22.5 radial, tubeless
Optional Rear Steering Axle Available
Suspension Rigid mount
Interaxle Differential 
Integral with transmission
Service Wet disk, internal
Parking Spring applied hydraulic release
Electrical System
Starting System 24V
Charging System 55A
Fuel System Capacity 26 U.S.-gallons (98 L)
Fuel ULSD diesel fuel only (T4F)

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