Ground Power Units

Do you need to supply power to a parked aircraft? George McIvor is an aircraft equipment
specialist and we have a superb range of ground power units. We can ensure that your
aircraft receives power at any time when on the ground, by using our mobile power units.
Our vast experience means that we are the first choice for many businesses. What can we
do for you?

We have a selection of mobile ground power units that we have in stock. For example, the
ACE 500-1523 Pneumatic Jet Engine is diesel powered and is compatible with wide bodied
aircrafts. These units supply medium pressure air sources for starting aircraft engines and
other operations. What about the HITZINGER GE90? They feature a Deutz engine with a
200/28v output. You can choose from a choice of two models. We also stock the Houchin
690 200/28v dual voltage ground power units, which are all load-bank tested.

It is difficult to overstate the important role that ground power units play in the aviation
industry. Every business want to save engine fuel costs. These systems allow your ground
crew to conduct service and maintenance procedures and of course, start the aircraft. We
have huge experience in this industry and we are convinced that we can supply all your
aircraft ground power requirements.

Please note that we haven’t listed every piece of ground support equipment on our website,
so it is important to speak to us to see what else we stock. In addition, the amount of stock
that we hold varies daily. We are convinced that we can provide you with the exact product
to match your company requirements.

Why not complete our online contact query form today? You can also speak to us by calling
us on +442887767177 now – we would love to hear from you.